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Hardwood floors can be a large investment but they are wise investments that will pay off in years of beauty and a substantial increase in the resale price of your home. They require regular maintenance, just like any other investment in your home. You choose cleaners specially formulated to preserve their finish, and keep water to a minimum in caring for them, but have you taken steps to protect them from the damage caused by sun exposure? Floor Sanding Harlow Here are some tips for protecting wood floors from the sun.


Too much sun can cause skin damage, and too much sunlight can cause irreparable damage to hardwood floors. Sunlight can eventually fade and color your floors and cause warping. You can check if your floors are getting faded from the sun by choosing a room that gets the most sun and lifting a corner of a rug. This will reveal how much sun damage your floors have suffered.

There are simple, effective ways to stop sun damage from happening. Here are some tips to stop the sun from damaging your hardwood floors.

1. Close the Blinds: Too much sunlight can cause skin problems. This is why it's important to close draperies, blinds and shades during the day. Window coverings are a relatively affordable investment that will make your floors more beautiful.

2. Window tinting is an option:Tinted windows that are UV resistant will also work. This option is worth considering if you are installing windows. Existing windows can also be treated with UV tinting.

3. You might also consider landscaping near Windows.To block the sun's rays, plant trees and shrubs right in front of your windows. Bonus: They will add beauty and interest outside your home!

4. Rotate your furniture: This won't stop all sun damage but it will slow down furniture fading by balancing the time that different areas are exposed. Rearranging the room will bring life back to it!


There's no need for panic if your floors are already damaged beyond repair. Floor Sanding Harlow's professionals can help. You can restore your floors to their original beauty.

Our superior, dust-free sanding/refinishing process guarantees beautiful results every time. We were awarded the National Wood Flooring Association's 2021 Wood Floor of the year award. We are ready to help you with your project, regardless of its size or scope.

Check out our website and see how Floor Sanding Harlow You can bring back the beauty and elegance of your wood floors. Also, take a look at our blog for tips and tricks regarding all things hardwood flooring.

Monday, 17 May 2021


If you are on the market for a brand new wood floor and have not learned about oiled wood flooring yet, it is time to have a critical look at the choices. You can be assured that this new fad is already here and it will be here to remain. Now we would like to discuss our own expertise with UV-cured oil floors (baked-in oil flooring ).

Homeowners have begun accepting the legitimate wood appearance and texture of UV-cured oil flooring. It comes as no surprise to many in the market as many home and d├ęcor magazines have put them to the spotlight. They also adopt the features, such as complete entering to the timber, eco-friendliness, repair-ability including many successful industrial applications. However, additional maintenance has been the number one issue for petroleum finished hardwoods. The maintenance is simple but different than maintaining the common urethane finished hardwoods.

Restoring The Flooring

We recently renovated our showroom. First, we removed and disposed of all of the original wood floors besides a small section of one hundred square feet. This section was part of the original floor installed in 2006 before petroleum finish flooring became popular. After years of commercial traffic, this floor was looking a bit beat up.

Since we understood this flooring was originally finished using WOCA Master Oil, we chose to perform a test hoping to rejuvenate the floor using Wood Cleaner and Master Oil.

To begin with , we cleaned the floor with diluted WOCA Wood Cleaner and let it sit dry for two hours. Remember to use a damp mop and operate out of two buckets; one with diluted wood cleaner, another with warm water.

Next, buff Master Oil Natural on it using a white buff pad, then a polishing material. The polishing cloth eliminates the excess oil with its gentle lint-free cotton material. Following the oil was applied, this floor looked as good as fresh. The deeper scratches that made indentations into the wood remains visible, nevertheless, small scratches have vanished like magic.

Since then we were able to use exactly the exact same flooring at local trade shows as our booth flooring to showcase exactly what magic we could do to an old flooring! Oiled floors are best kept when using a cotton mop rather than a microfiber mop. Here is a step by step summary on how to maintain your oiled floor utilizing WOCA solutions.

Wednesday, 16 December 2020

How To Choose Wood Flooring For Small Spaces

One of the most common complaints we hear from our customers is that their homes are not large enough. Even though a new wood floor will not provide you an excess bedroom or the home office that you think will change your life, there are a number of fantastic techniques that you could do with hardwood flooring to earn your rooms look bigger. Here are a Couple of ideas:

Play colour

In precisely the same way that the color of clothes we wear may have a massive impact on how we look, selecting the right colors for the home makes a big difference too. If it comes to picking the right colour wood flooring to make your room and indeed your house appear larger, there are two chief things you can do. They are:

Use the identical colour throughout. Selecting the identical colour of floors throughout your home is a great way to create your overall home look bigger. The feel of uniformity this option gives makes your home seem like it's one continuous area that's flooded with light and space.

Choose light colors. Light colors reflect natural lighting and give the impression of space in almost any home. By picking a light, bright coloured timber , a white or a white washed or limed hardwood floor, as well as painting your walls at a light, neutral colour will give your space a direct boost in terms of volume.

Experiment with Plank width

It is a common response to presume that in the event you've got a small space, the sole wood flooring alternative open for you is a narrow plank . While this is often the best solution, playing board width can create an interesting and efficient result. In the event you choose broad boards for a little room, it can have the exact same effect as broad stripes onto an individual -- it may make the room look bigger! Even though this isn't a decision you need to make lightly, it is worth bearing in mind in case you're re-flooring a small room.

Any professionally manicured flooring is going to have the hardwood flooring planks laid intentionally, so there is not a fixed line where planks begin and complete. This is totally normal and is exactly what you should be aiming for even though you are placing your new hardwood flooring on a DIY basis. However, if you're eager to make an illusion of space in a little area, using either long planks, where you will find almost no finishes on short or show boards where you will find many, are smart practices.

By employing long planks , based on how big your space, you might have the ability to produce a flooring where the planks operate the complete width or length of this space. This slick appearance will make your room appear larger.

On the other hand paradoxically, utilizing shorts may also have the exact same effect. Even though it might look odd; the eye anticipates floor planks for a particular length and it may be duped into believing a room is larger when more unites in the ground are observable. When these choices can be complicated, there is no getting away from the truth that experimentation with board span can pay enormous dividends in tiny rooms.

Don't go mad with finish

When there are literally dozens of timber flooring finishes available on the market these days, when it comes to picking the right wood floor for a small room, the message is clear: keep it simple. The final thing that you need in a little room is a lot of interest at bottom level. While you needn't conceal your inner design light under a bushel, you need to seek out a simple finish that gives a sleek impression to make your room look larger.

If these items aren't enough to make your room apparently grow in size, here are another couple of suggestions you can try:

Keep accessories to a minimum

Nothing will make a small room look even smaller than clutter. Don't be tempted to fill your room with either furnishings or accessories like rugs since they will make the room look even smaller. What you should do is aim to keep the floor space as clear as possible to give the greatest impression of distance.

Pick furnishings that don't reach down to floor level

A final smart trick in small rooms would be to choose sofas and chairs that don't hit right down to the ground. Choosing furnishings on thighs allow light to pass through the space and generate a real illusion of space. Also, choosing glass or Perspex furnishings is a great idea.

If you would like some help to choose the very best wood flooring solution for a small area in your home, we are here to help. All you have to do is get in touch and we'll provide you all the help we can.

Tuesday, 11 August 2020


Ok look at your carpeted stairways long and hard. Are you currently in love with everything you see? Obviously you're not! Whether it had been you or the previous homeowner that opted for carpeted staircase, it's not a pretty website, now, is it?

Face the facts: Carpeted stairs are akin to Gremlin autos of the 1970s. Google the auto if you're not knowledgeable about the Gremlin or can not quite remember what they look like. Caution: don't stare too long!

Whatever it took for you to wake up one day and to recognize that you your carpeted stairs aren't God's gift to mankind, consider yourself blessed that it finally hit home. That stuff has to go!

What to do? You can call Floor Sanding Harlow of Harlow, a family-owned hardwood floor contractor and installed. They've proudly served the greater Harlow Area for more than 25 decades. They'll offer specialist consultation as"staircase" is one of the specialties.

Additionally, You'll Have choices with Floor Sanding Harlow; they'll show you some number of beautiful species of hardwood flooring samples, as well as with watertight LVT (luxury vinyl tile) and LVCF (luxury vinyl composite flooring); both LVT and LVCF possess the appearance of hardwood but cost less, that's only one reason they're equally getting popular alternatives to hardwood flooring.

The stickler for information, if you require particular timber and a custom stain so your hardwood flooring stairway will perfectly match a landing, you can depend on Floor Sanding Harlow into the job you've expected of them.

Notice the work and Gorgeous wood stairs installed by Floor Sanding Harlow' crews into houses in Harlow

For advice and estimates call us at:

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Whether children or pets, shoes, or recklessly dragged furniture, hardwood flooring are nearly sure to get scratches with time. Luckily, there are a number of basic techniques which can be utilized to accept these imperfections by yourself. Read on to find out about the ways you may fix scratches on your hardwood flooring .

Simple Techniques to Fix Hardwood Floor Scratches

Superficial Scratches

Light scratches are readily fixed since they impact the top coating without turning it down into the wood itself. The affected area should be dirt-free, therefore start by applying a floor cleaner, before wiping it away using a soft fabric. After the area dries thoroughly, add a new layer of this finish.
You should be cautious about this technique as multiple uses of floor polishes and waxes can dull and discolor your floor. When this happens, it will make it difficult to restore your floor's unique look.
Some flooring recovery materials refresh wood's appearance. It's possible to apply such material every few months.

Shallow Scratches That Penetrate the Wood Surface

If a minor scrape makes it to the timber, you can conceal it using a crayon-like wax stick. Wax sticks are available in many different tones at hardware or home improvement stores. Choose a color that closely matches your floor's color. If you are the artistic type, you can get unique hues and blend them to match your floorboards.
Begin the fixing procedure by buffing the scratched area. Gently rub wire wool over it. Alternatively, you can ease it out by employing fine-grade sandpaper several times. Make sure you work along the wood grain, or you're going to get a larger, more noticeable scratch. Then rub the matching wax rod over the area to fill it in and allow it to blend with its surroundings.

Deep Scratches

Eliminating deeper scratches requires a little more work in addition to precision. 1 excellent method to repair such a crack is by using wood putty. Be sure to use it with a plastic putty knifeas a metal one can cause even more scratches. When the putty sets, sand it lightly until it is level with the surrounding floor. Finally, remove dust from the area then reseal it by using a finish.

In Some Cases, It Is Ideal to Speak to the Hardwood Floor Professionals

If your floor has many scratches or you're Uncomfortable with any of the repair procedures, do not hesitate to call in the professionals in Floor Sanding Harlow. We're leaders in all aspects of hardwood flooring serving the Harlow Area. We have been supplying flooring sales, installation, refinishing, and repair services for over 20 decades. We constantly actively participate with our customers on each job. Speak to us online or call us at 01279 510 119 to learn more about our services.

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4 Aspects of Hardwood Floor Care

Taking care of these hardwood flooring in your house does not have to be complex . It may prove to be far simpler than you presume. Nevertheless, there are a number of aspects you will need to know about when it is time to keep your brand-new hardwood flooring.

Wood Color

The colour of this timber will make it even more beautiful. So take care not to destroy it while trimming the wood or obtaining it repainted. In addition they tend to show dirt and other spots also, unless they're coated with a new coating of end. This usually means that these wood flooring should be stored for chambers with low levels of traffic. Moving furniture around on these are a bad idea also.

Indoor Humidity

Humidity is typically regarded as a larger issue during the summer and spring than it's in the autumn and winter. But because of how tender the colder seasons may get, most homeowners may choose to conduct humidifiers.

The Hardness

At first, hardness wouldn't seem like something which matters. But that doesn't make it any less important; denser wood is significantly stronger. Balsa wood is the most popular one in the scale, while the toughest one is called Australian Buloke.

Wood End

Damaging the finish in your hardwood floor can impact how good it looks. Satin, matte, and glossy
finishes will be the three most frequent finishes that many homeowners choose. You will also have to think of the foundation of the end -- is it oil-based or acrylic? These questions are critical ones to answer if you would like your flooring to last even longer than you thought possible.

Hardwood Flooring from Floor Sanding Harlow

At Floor Sanding Harlow our dedication to quality setup is clear in all we do, which explains why our customers consistently rate us as one of the top contractors in the region. If you're ready to talk with someone concerning your hardwood flooring job, we want to hear from you! Contact us in 01279 510 119 or send us a message here.

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