Monday, 17 May 2021


If you are on the market for a brand new wood floor and have not learned about oiled wood flooring yet, it is time to have a critical look at the choices. You can be assured that this new fad is already here and it will be here to remain. Now we would like to discuss our own expertise with UV-cured oil floors (baked-in oil flooring ).

Homeowners have begun accepting the legitimate wood appearance and texture of UV-cured oil flooring. It comes as no surprise to many in the market as many home and d├ęcor magazines have put them to the spotlight. They also adopt the features, such as complete entering to the timber, eco-friendliness, repair-ability including many successful industrial applications. However, additional maintenance has been the number one issue for petroleum finished hardwoods. The maintenance is simple but different than maintaining the common urethane finished hardwoods.

Restoring The Flooring

We recently renovated our showroom. First, we removed and disposed of all of the original wood floors besides a small section of one hundred square feet. This section was part of the original floor installed in 2006 before petroleum finish flooring became popular. After years of commercial traffic, this floor was looking a bit beat up.

Since we understood this flooring was originally finished using WOCA Master Oil, we chose to perform a test hoping to rejuvenate the floor using Wood Cleaner and Master Oil.

To begin with , we cleaned the floor with diluted WOCA Wood Cleaner and let it sit dry for two hours. Remember to use a damp mop and operate out of two buckets; one with diluted wood cleaner, another with warm water.

Next, buff Master Oil Natural on it using a white buff pad, then a polishing material. The polishing cloth eliminates the excess oil with its gentle lint-free cotton material. Following the oil was applied, this floor looked as good as fresh. The deeper scratches that made indentations into the wood remains visible, nevertheless, small scratches have vanished like magic.

Since then we were able to use exactly the exact same flooring at local trade shows as our booth flooring to showcase exactly what magic we could do to an old flooring! Oiled floors are best kept when using a cotton mop rather than a microfiber mop. Here is a step by step summary on how to maintain your oiled floor utilizing WOCA solutions.